Why opt for an automatic bean-to-cup coffee machine?

You're a definite fan of coffee and the environment? So when it comes to reconciling ecological consumption patterns and coffee, you can no longer resist? The automatic coffee bean machine is for you! Read our article to find out why you should choose this machine.

Automatic coffee bean machine: what are the differences with the classic coffee machine?

The difference seems obvious: one is automatic while the other is manual. And yet there are many other aspects that differentiate them and which it seems wise to take into account. The espresso coffee machine, or also known as an "automatic bean coffee machine", is the one that has been generally found in households for about ten years now. Its automatic nature is due to the fact that you have only one task to perform: pressing a button. It will take care of everything else, from pouring the coffee to filling your cup. There are several types, but often it has its own coffee bean grinder or requires capsules. On the other hand, the manual espresso machine or the classic coffee machine requires manual effort on your part. This means that you have to take care of your coffee yourself.

Automatic coffee bean machine: what are the advantages?

For those who are picky and value their daily practices, it doesn't seem easy to suddenly change practices. However, the automatic coffee bean machine offers many more advantages than you might think. Not only does it make it easier to use because it's automatic, so all you have to do is press a button, but more importantly, because it makes it possible to make coffee quickly while you go about your other activities. It usually takes a minute to prepare your coffee. As for the variety of drinks, you can change the flavour whenever you want just by changing the capsules! Depending on your taste, you will be able to prepare your coffee easily and without much effort. In addition to saving time, using the espresso machine does not require any special skills. Please note that the manual coffee machine requires a minimum level of knowledge for its use!

Types of automatic coffee machine

The automatic coffee machine does not come in just one form. In fact, there are three. The fully automatic machine is the simplest form. This is the one that saves you the most time and physical effort. All you have to do is press a button to make your coffee for you. It will take care of the entire process and will require, at most, only grinding and packing your beans, if necessary. As for the super-automatic machine, it's a whole new level compared to the fully automatic one. It can go as far as performing all the necessary tasks for your coffee. Indeed, the fully automatic machine may still ask you to cup or grind your coffee while the fully automatic machine will only ask you to watch and choose the programmable options so you can control the brewing process. It can take care of grinding; squeezing your beans until the coffee itself is brewed. A semi-automatic machine can be akin to a fully automatic machine. The only difference is that with the latter, you can decide when to stop making your coffee. Generally, it admits features that are fully automatic and gives you not only control but also convenience in the entire preparation process. Choosing the type of automatic bean coffee machine is therefore quite an art.
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