Which kitchen utensils are essential?

Published on : 16 June 20205 min reading time

You want to get into the kitchen, to simmer small dishes, to satisfy your nascent appetite for gastronomy. Only, how can you not find yourself stopped from the start because of the missing accessory? For any type of recipe, a number of kitchen utensils come back regularly. Which ones? Which kitchen utensils are absolutely essential to have at home in the evening? Read this article.

The essential kitchen utensils for good cooking

Every good dish starts with a good preparation of the ingredients. Beyond the indispensable thriftiness, ceramic or not, you will need to be well equipped with knives. To prepare your vegetables, cut the herbs, mince the onions, choose a utility knife. On the other hand, for your meats, choose a knife with a sharp blade.

In this cutting activity, you will also need a cutting board: if you choose a glass one, be careful not to damage the blade of your knives.

Also, you will need a wooden spatula, a grater, a ladle or skimmer and a colander.

On the sweet side, if you feel like baking a cake, without a rolling pin you won’t get far. It is better to have one in your cupboard to satisfy your pastry desires! To mix your preparation well, you will also need a whisk, with a small preference for stainless steel on our side.

Finally, equip yourself with an electronic or mechanical scale, and a measuring glass. In the pastry shop, as in music, everything is in the measure! You can find these shops easily through www.the-shops.co.uk/ for example.

The essential kitchen utensils for cooking

In the kitchen, the pan and the frying pan seem to be out of control, and for good reason. Used by our mothers and grandmothers, they are the indispensable allies of any self-respecting cook! Moreover, it is better to have at least two of different capacity (a small and a large pan for example), just in case, or even if possible a complete set.

If your eyes marvel and your taste buds salivate in advance in front of simmering dishes, then in this case, count on the frying pan as one of your must-haves. And yes, the thinner frying pan will be used to grill and cook thin items such as minced steaks, chicken fillets, fried eggs… The frying pan will allow you to make simmering sauce dishes and has a larger capacity. Preferably, choose it with a non-stick coating and above all do not cut your meat inside!

Finally, to make a success of all your beef bourguignon, lamb Navarin and braised fennel, don’t overlook the casserole.

Finally, to prepare baked dishes that are well gratinated, you will need…dishes! Alone or in couple, the small sizes will be enough for you. On the other hand, for large families, don’t hesitate to think bigger, and thus avoid seeing your Parmentier hashish overflowing!

For the pastry, you will obviously need cake moulds. There are an infinite number of shapes, in metal or silicone. The advantage of the latter, especially for individual small cakes, is that they are easy to remove from the mould.

What about appliances

Appliances have been making their way into our homes for over 50 years and not for nothing! Practical and reliable, they are a must in our kitchens, like the hand blender for example. From soup to compote and meat tartars for some multifunction models, don’t hesitate to use it.

You cook for a large family and you still have some space left on your work surface? Why not try the multifunction food processor? Versatile, it will allow you to save time when making your raw vegetable salads, mincemeat, but also for your cakes and other pastries. On the other hand, there’s nothing like an electric mixer to beat the egg whites to snow.

Finally, if you have the possibility, complete your equipment with a steam cooker. It is not essential, it is true, but it will preserve the vitamins and the taste of your food. It is perfect for fish with herbs in papillotes or to keep the crunchiness and colour of your vegetables.

The little extras!

For you nothing beats the satisfaction of homemade food? In that case, let yourself be tempted by some household accessories such as the bread maker, the yoghurt maker or the ice cream maker! Create, innovate, flavour… From mint sorbet to 12-grain bread, your culinary imagination will express itself!

Also think about pastry circles or presentation squares. It is essential to give relief to your starters, gratins dauphinois and other accompaniments during your meals with friends.

Finally, for gourmets, we advise you to have a siphon in your cupboards. Simple to use, it will allow you to make sauces, salty or sweet espumas and especially a homemade whipped cream, perfect to accompany your sorbets!

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