Tips for a well-equipped kitchen

For some time now the open kitchen has been more successful than our old closed kitchens that cut us off from the world. The open kitchen allows you to spend more time with your guests. It is a place that brings the whole family together to chat, do homework, relax and of course to eat. The open kitchen is an integral part of the living room in the house, creating space to immerse oneself in the dining area or living room.  The fashion for open kitchens has its advantages but also its disadvantages, such as the smell of cooking, but a hood can solve the problem. Also, the open kitchen requires daily storage. It is forbidden to leave the dishes for the night before or not to store pots and pans. On the storage side, everything must be perfect as in the living room, as these two spaces overlap. Here are a few tips to keep an open kitchen well organised and tidy.

Choose a good colour for the wall and tiling

When choosing the colour of the kitchen, it is important not to make the wrong choice! A dark brown kitchen for example will shrink the space. It is better to choose pastel and light colours to brighten up the kitchen walls. You should visit several shops in order to make a good choice. Check if you wish to know to find these shops. A light yellow, a sky blue or a pastel pistachio green will blend perfectly with the walls of your kitchen. Don't forget to consider the living room furniture and style so as not to fall into bad taste.  Also, the colour of the walls should be adapted to the furniture in your kitchen. Colours: light beige and white are the essential shades that are perfectly suited to all decorations and furniture.

Matching your furniture and kitchen cabinets

It was a time when kitchen furniture was dressed in bright red, orange and pistachio green, bright colours that don't necessarily suit an open kitchen. Imagine if you have an orange living room, a white dining room and a pistachio green kitchen. This mix of colours doesn't go well together. In this case, you should opt for furniture in neutral colours such as white or beige or even colours and shades of wood. If you like even more style you can choose kitchen furniture in black or grey. These are always neutral colours that can be perfectly combined with your decoration of the rest of the living room or dining room.

Choosing your major appliances

If your fridge is starting to get old, with rust stains, we advise you to invest in a spacious new fridge to store all your food. The same goes for the stove or hob and oven. All your large appliances should be nickels because they will be seen by your guests and all those who visit your house.

Keep your small appliances tidy

Is your food processor, blender, blender or toaster all stacked on top of each other on the worktop? A clutter of small appliances that is very unpleasant to see. It's important to keep your small appliances tidy and unclutter the worktop. You can store them in the most accessible shelf of the cupboard so that you can take them out easily if necessary. You will keep the toaster, for example, since you use it regularly.

The key word in storage

In an open kitchen it is imperative to invest in all types of storage. Hermetic boxes are there to store pasta, plastic tubs for detergent products and other storage accessories to save and optimize your cupboard space. Optimal storage will allow you to organize your open kitchen.

Go for decoration

Decorating your kitchen well will allow you to bring a touch of cheerfulness and originality to your kitchen. For a neutral beige coloured kitchen you can bring some greenery with some hanging plants, or coloured glass vases and bowls for a touch of originality. You can also opt for a nice carpet and original curtains.
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