The magic vanilla cake, the recipe of the moment for gourmets

Unanimously elected by the great gourmets, the magic vanilla cake has become the recipe of the moment. But what is the secret of this famous dessert? The magic vanilla cake can be prepared in the blink of an eye. All you need is a single paste for the magic to take place. Dough will turn into 3 different layers. Here is the mystery of this magic recipe.

Magic vanilla cake: the ingredients, the utensils

Magic vanilla cake is a mouth-watering dessert that delights the taste buds of young and old. An exquisite dessert made with simple, inexpensive ingredients: flour, eggs, sugar, milk, butter and vanilla. As for the necessary utensils, they are also basic and easy to use: two salad bowls, a manual whisk to mix, an electric whisk to whisk the egg whites, a saucepan to heat your milk and a scale.

The preparation: what to do

First heat the milk and then add vanilla flavouring, or a vanilla bean with a little citrus zest. Put the butter in a saucepan to melt. For the eggs: separate the white from the yolk and whisk the yolks with sugar using the electric whisk to whiten them. As for the egg whites, whisk them with the electric whisk until stiff. Mix the melted butter, flour and milk in a bowl. The last key step: add the whisked egg whites to the machine. Use only a hand whisk. Be very careful when whisking the whites, do not break the eggs into whisked whites. It is these whisked egg whites that create the magical layer of sponge cake. When you add the egg whites to the machine, do not crush them!

Magic vanilla cake: Which cooking method to choose?

Baking is an important step in making the magic vanilla cake. Never forget that the oven must be in natural convection. But why use a natural convection oven? Simply to ensure perfect baking. An oven with rotating heat is reserved for quick baking, which is not suitable for the vanilla magic cake. The vanilla magic cake needs to be baked evenly and slowly. But for those who have an oven in rotating heat, here is the solution: lower the temperature. Ideally, the temperature should be lowered by 10 °C, for 160 °C lowered to 150 °C. But beware! For the magic dough to separate into three distinct layers, the baking time must be the same. In other words, there is no need to reduce the baking time.
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