It’s the ultimate made in USA snack: do you know how to make an egg sandwich?

Ideal for picnics or also for breakfast, the egg sandwich is a perfect example of the wide variety of American cuisine. To get to know it better and also to appreciate it better, let's discover its origin, the particularities as well as the advantages and disadvantages guiding you in the choice of this famous sandwich.

The particularities of the egg sandwich

Its first preparation was caused by the rationing of meat during the Second World War. In the absence of meat, it was then necessary to improvise and the idea turned to eggs. In the beginning, it did not have its current fame because after the lifting of meat rationing, the egg sandwich was quickly forgotten. It was not until 1970 that it reappeared and was marketed again. We have to start from the definition of sandwich to be able to describe the egg sandwich. In fact, it is two slices of bread with toppings inside. So it's two slices of bread with eggs as a filling. They can be hard boiled eggs or fried eggs.

The importance of baking eggs for an authentic egg sandwich

As a good egg sandwich is mostly made with hard-boiled eggs, the only difficulty in its preparation lies in the proper cooking of the eggs. However, it is still an easy recipe to make. Ideally, the eggs should be placed in a bowl with cold water and then cooked over medium heat until they boil. Then remove them from the boiling water and cool with ice water. These eggs can be crushed and assembled with various ingredients for the garnish. It is also possible to marinate them beforehand with marinades of your choice. This is what makes it special. It leaves a lot of room for improvisation. You can also accompany it with a little salad or watercress to add a little freshness.

The advantages and disadvantages of preparing an egg sandwich

Its first advantage is quite simply the ease of its preparation. For a breakfast, it only takes you some time to prepare it. Secondly, being a complete food, the egg in the sandwich provides you with the necessary proteins that keep you full. Then, the vitamin B contributes to the stimulation of brain power. There is so much nutritional value to the advantage of this dish. As each medal has its flip side, it has the disadvantage of containing fat and cholesterol. However, you simply have to know how to balance your diet. This slight disadvantage should certainly not hinder your choice. And now you're ready to make your egg sandwich for breakfast or picnics.
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