And the stars of your future menus are: miso, tofu, seaweed and legumes!

In the interest of good health, many people are looking for all the means to eat healthy. Some turn to eating habits such as vegetarianism or veganism. Others adhere to philosophies of life such as locavorism, or eating organic. But some prefer to include in their diet products that can provide them with health and well-being, such as miso, tofu, seaweed or legumes. So how can these foods be integrated into everyday foods?

Miso: a condiment that can provide proteins

For those who don't know what miso is, it is a thick paste made from fermented soybeans? It is, in most cases, packaged in a box. Miso has high protein content, which is why it is one of the foods chosen in healthy cooking preparations. It has a taste, which the Japanese call, umami, the famous fifth taste, after sweet, salty, sour and bitter. Because of its very salty and pronounced taste, miso is mainly used as a seasoning and packaging. It can replace salt, and can also be used to replace stock cubes. Prefer unpasteurized miso. To avoid having a dish that is too salty, add miso little by little to the dish, and it is also preferable to add it to the dish at the end of cooking. Miso can be put in all types of dishes, whether cold or hot, salads or soups.

Tofu: can replace cheese, legumes: can replace meats

Based on curdled soy milk, tofu is considered a cheese. This is why it is used in healthy cooking. Because of its bland taste, many people are reluctant to cook and taste it. However, it goes well with many dishes, and is easy to use because it easily absorbs the taste of the food you prepare with it. To cook it, you can marinate it so that it absorbs the spices and condiments you want to add to it. Tofu can also be used in baking, as is the case with vegan tiramisu. Tofu can also be cooked as a soup. For legumes, they can be used instead of meat. Indeed, in soups or salads, legumes can well replace meats. Vegans use legumes such as chickpeas, lentils or red or white beans to replace meatballs in recipes. In order not to deprive themselves of food, known as fast food such as burgers, vegetarian and vegan cooks have replaced meats with legumes. This delights those who are a fan of healthy cooking, and want to eat tasty foods.

Algae: whole foods

Seaweed is one of the whole foods preferred by those who enjoy healthy cooking. Algae are of different types: there are those that are rich in protein, those that are rich in calcium, those that are rich in magnesium, and those that are rich in omega-3. Each type of seaweed has its own taste, so it is important to know the taste of each type before cooking them. To start in the kitchen with seaweed, it is best to choose either wakame, as it can be cooked raw and cooked. It has a mild and light taste. Otherwise there is also dulse, and sea lettuce. Nori, on the other hand, is mainly used to make makis and sushi.
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