Which utensils to cook matcha tea?

Matcha green tea is a drink of Japanese origin and very old. To get the good taste of the famous Matcha green tea, different utensils are needed. These matcha tea utensils each have a specific role. To enjoy the health benefits of Matcha tea, it is strongly recommended to use traditional accessories.

The Chasen: the essential utensil to make a successful Matcha tea

The Chasen is a bamboo whisk to give consistency and a characteristic taste to Matcha. With this tool, the percentage of lumps is minimal. The Chasen measures about 15 centimetres. The number of stems of the Chasen is very variable. For a Matcha with a foamy and fine texture, the Chasen with 120 stems is the most suitable. The Koicha or creamy and delicate Matcha is made with a bamboo whisk with 80 stems or Pondatés. But during the tea ceremony, it is important to use an 80-stem Chasen made from a particular bamboo, the Kurochiku Chasen. If you want to prepare a Matcha according to tradition, a Chasen is only used for one tea ceremony. This means that the famous bamboo whisk is a single-use utensil. As the stems of the Chasen are very thin and can break easily, it is important to soak the matcha whisk in hot water. Leaving your Chasen for a few seconds in hot water gives your whisk suppleness.

Matcha accessories: Chashaku, Sami, Chazutsu, Natsumé,..

The preparation of Matcha tea requires a bit of know-how and some Matcha tea accessories. The Chashaku or Bamboo spatula is one of the accessories for matcha tea that should not be neglected. This bamboo spatula is used to measure out the Matcha tea. You can also use the Chashaku when sifting green tea powder. During a tea ceremony, the Chashaku provides a Wabi-Sabi atmosphere. The Sami is also a measuring spoon made from noble cherry or camphor wood. The Sami is mainly used to measure the volume of green tea. Chazutsu and Natsumé are traditional tea boxes. These boxes are necessary to keep the freshness of the tea.

Kyusu and Hohin to optimize the preparation of Matcha

The Kyusu is a Japanese teapot. The maximum capacity of this clay teapot is 400 ml. This Japanese teapot is easily recognizable by its side handle and its oval shape. The use of Kyusu for the preparation of Matcha tea is very beneficial for the health because of the material it is made of. For the preparation of Matcha tea in small doses, you can use Hohin. The Hohin is a small luxury teapot with a capacity of 100 ml.
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