I want to make homemade jams: what should I buy?

The kitchen is a centre where the union between modernity and tradition is most assured, realizing that culinary materials are more important in number. It is up to each professional or amateur jam maker to inspire his needs in action. But here are some ideas for making homemade jams.

The basic recipes

You don't have to make large quantities to achieve this, even for the image of a huge cauldron of jam. To test a recipe, often 500 g of fruit with 2 jars of jam for two people is enough, even if it keeps for a long time. And after preparing the fruit, you have to unite it with the sugar in a jam basin. Then add lemon juice and muslin. Finally, marinate the whole a few hours before cooking.

How to choose the ingredients

First of all, for the fruit, you have to choose the ripe ones. As always, the ideal is to favour seasonal fruits, they will be cheaper and tastier. Sometimes, it is advisable to get the slightly chunky fruit crates from the end of the market for next to nothing, as they are usually perfect for jams. Just remove the pieces that are too damaged and add pectin or an apple to polish, as very early fruit has less of it. Treated fruit should be peeled before use, and if the fruit is organic, just rinse it, remove the pits and stems before cutting it into pieces. Don't forget to perfume with spices, herbs and flowers. And the sugar according to your desires, but you must vary it to get new flavours and thus produce original assortments. In particular, it is the sugar that guarantees the preservation of the fruit; therefore, a shorter shelf life will be obtained with a less sweetened jam.

What jam-making tools do you need?

It is necessary to take possession of the most used in the completion of jams for the entry into the production process. Here is the list of essential and useful kitchen equipment. A scale (the implementation of a recipe), a jam container (a cooking tool to be favoured but with a little perseverance, an old pot is also possible), a thermometer (taking into account the means of cooking), a dosimeters (each quantity and type of fruit has its own sugar level), a sterilizer (to escape bacteria or microbes), jam jar (to preserve jams), jam bowl marks, paraffin (for long preserves), jar tweezers, a funnel, and a fruit press. Otherwise, the selection of the appropriate jam maker should not conceal the requirement to ensure their durability and quality.
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